The Authentic Self Shines Through Your Personality

You are a unique Soul essence—your true nature.

Your potential is already inside of you: Just as an acorn knows it will be an oak tree, your soul knows its potential, too. When you let go of trying so hard to “be and do,” and instead allow yourself to naturally develop, you will sense who you are becoming, naturally. 
When we spin our wheels mimicking others or wondering who we are meant to be, we are wasting energy. 
So instead of asking, “Who should I become?” 
Ask, “How can I align myself with my Soul’s purpose? How can I nurture my seed of potential?”
A wise gardener creates the right environment for growth. You can create the right inner conditions for your natural potential to grow, too. 
You water your seed of potentiality with self-compassion. You consciously and courageously weed out distracting and detrimental thoughts. Conscious and caring attention to your inner- and-outer environment allows you to grow into the beautiful authentic Self that you are born to be.
This outpouring of the real you is you actualizing your soul’s expression. 
When I imagine a world of people living as their authentic selves, I see big-hearted people being true to their nature. I see vulnerability and authenticity. I see individuals bringing out their caring selves and inviting others to do the same. I see people who are impeccable with their word—who embody harmony of thought, word, and deed.
From this orientation, we utilize our personality to serve our Soul. 
Your personality does not hold the blueprint to your potential. Your Soul does. 
Knowing this, you realize that action in the world evolves best when you refine your personality as an instrument. 
We do this by strengthening our talents and best character traits so that the power of inspiration can run through us. 
It is wise to work on personality and character. By cultivating honesty, compassion, and patience we improve our personalities, and thus allow the Soul to express infinite love through our persona.


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