Audio Energy Tune-Ups

My intention is to offer you a tool and transmission of love and peace, allowing you to awaken to more of your innate abilities. As an intuitive healer, I've found these practices incredibly helpful for awakening my gifts. I hope we can support one another in developing greater awareness, clarity, and connection to our inner wisdom. I will do my best to channel messages of love, peace, and insight. As a vessel, I intend to honor the divine within each transmission. I encourage you all to receive the energies however you are guided - whether sitting quietly, moving your body, or resting into stillness. There are no right or wrong ways to experience this. Listen within and see what resonates for nourishing your intuitive abilities. My role is to create an opening. Thank you for being here.

Self-Study Courses

My intention for these courses is for you to work at your own pace, allowing you to engage with the material in a way that fits seamlessly into your personal and professional life. You have the flexibility to explore the content on your schedule, ensuring you can fully absorb and reflect upon the information without the pressure of deadlines. Feel free to revisit and review the lessons as often as you need, reinforcing your understanding and gaining new insights with each review. This approach provides a comprehensive and personalized learning experience that evolves with your needs and goals.

Clear The Way

All your answers are already inside of you. Imagine being able to access your intuition and act on what you discover.  In this step-by-step, comprehensive video series, Joy guides you through explorations and activities to awaken your intuitive knowing. 

Your intuition is innate. All you need to do is release the interference that blocks it.

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