What if you lived soul-inspired? How might your life change? Who might you become? 

Trust your intuition. You are a truth-seeker.

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When you choose a soul-inspired life

You feel a deep peace in the congruence with the truth. You courageously create good in the world. You orient from energy. 

  • Are you yearning to connect with your authentic self? Are you tired of pretending and pleasing and ready to be real?
  • Is what used to matter not as important anymore? Are your values changing, and is spirituality rising to the surface as essential?
  • Do you feel the call to a deeper purpose? Is there an internal knowing that a new path awaits you?

The process of waking up includes the dismantling of outdated habits and patterns. You will be asked to confront limited perceptions and shed false aspects of your personality as you emerge anew. It's happening to all of us. It happened to me, and my offerings are here to help you navigate your way.

Welcome. I'm glad you are here.


When we commit to living aligned with our soul essence, a new world opens up to support us.  

We are in a powerful era of transformation. Many people are stepping up as wayshowers during this great awakening. We are being asked to live from love and bring the spiritual into form through us and in practical, grounded ways. 

Join a collective of creative women journeying into new territories in writing and soul expression.

  • Tap into your unique and spontaneous voice.
  • Explore writing as a way to strengthen your relationship with intuition.
  • Enter a safe and creative environment for honesty, vulnerability, and humor.
  • Practice automatic writing, poetry, journaling, and various out-side-of -the-box wordplay, vocal activations, and embodiment games.
  • Access inspired pathways to nourish your relationship with the muse.
  • Connect with heart-centered, conscious women.

“By tuning into your soul-inspired path with surrender and a heart of service, you will naturally know what is next. You will feel it. You will want it. And it will want you.”

In this video series, Joy guides you through explorations and activities to awaken your intuitive knowing. 

  • Learn the fundamental dynamics of intuition and how you can access them daily.
  • Make wise choices around the energy influences in your life - and reclaim your power. 
  • Nurture your Soul essence with inner-honoring activities and get in tune with Spirit.
  • Gain the confidence to use your discernment and say no with greater ease and authority.

In one year, my world turned upside down. I took a sabbatical, leaving the familiar and entering the unknown. I traveled, studied, faced my shadows, and experienced tremendous disruption. Surprising outer circumstances forced me into total transformation, pain, loss, and suffering. But in time, my grief and hardships catalyzed my liberation and freedom. 

I went from an overwhelmed and overworked (ambitious) professional to a relaxed and trusting co-creator of contribution.   


Let's dive deep into your beautiful journey of transformation. As a companion guide in awakening, I offer practical and life-affirming spiritual direction to support all areas of your life, emphasizing the delicate and unique process that is yours! Love the life you live, and live a life you love.  


Learn about the proprietary Business Soul MAP process and how you can utilize this tool in a private or group immersion. Build the work aligned with the mission, vision, and values. Blend energetics with the nuts and bolts of creating a thriving practice. I've been teaching business for over 20 years.


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This live session is for holistic practitioners and conscious business owners ready to step into right relationship with prosperity through professional growth. 


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