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Dear Friends,

During these times of great change, I am listening. I am inviting space. Space is allowing me to understand myself as a being of pure love and to experience this love in my being.

In India (some 25 years ago), a spiritual teacher addressed me as “Prema-swarupa" (embodiment of divine love).  Now, I feel it. Now, I'm practicing it. Now, I’m living it.

With great trust in the process, I am taking some months to explore the beautiful mysteries unfolding within and without. At this time, I will not be offering any new services.

As I experience a clearing and a transformation, I am inspired by the butterfly’s journey. I learn from the trees dropping leaves and plants budding new growth. I gather insight gazing into the infinite night sky. I dance in the ocean and play in the forest. I feel my feet in the soil. I am following nature’s lead.

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In celebration of the mystery,
Joy Clarissa Taylor (aka Joyous Clarity)


A vision of a new humanity.

Mother Earth Gaia is increasing in frequency.  We can take the ride with her and raise our vibration.  By connecting with nature, we find our way.  By living from our heart's intelligence, we act in accordance with the rhythm of our heartbeat.  The time is now.  This is our moment.

It is simple. Choose love.

With love, we gracefully step into our powerful essence and speak with clarity from inner authority.  We discern.  We allow choices to become clear.

This is what we’ve been waiting for.

Our personal gifts will grow, our individual missions will be actualized, and we will share symbiotically in community. As we serve in harmony with the earth, truth and integrity blossom. We have everything we need. And what we need first and foremost is inside of us… and it is waking up.

We may face challenging times, experience discomfort, and witness suffering. Remember, we are made for this. We know our parts to play. We cultivate courage and stay solid in sovereignty. Our thoughts, words, and deeds align.

The awakening offers purification and grace. Focus on that. Look to where we are going, not to where we have been. See the good. Feel the love. Let joy welcome us home.

May we walk in peace, joy, and beauty as we shepherd a new humanity.

Are you inspired to do something brave, bold, and brilliant?


  • Let your choices come to you. When you harmonize thought, word, and deed, you live from integrity and actualize your potential.
  • Cultivate your heart-centered courage and express yourself as an embodiment of pure love. Be authentically you.
  • Step into a renewed understanding of yourself and share your gifts to co-create a new world.

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