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Hi, my name is Joy, and I inspire and empower heart-centered entrepreneurs to create the work they love.

This requires a steadfast devotion to truth and integrity - starting with you (the business owner) and infusing every area of your business. 

This is what Business Soul MAP facilitation and coaching offers. A multi-dimensional opportunity to transform the energetics and the materialization of your business.

Imagine you and your business when you let go of:

  • unneeded tasks

  • useless and distracting bells & whistles

  • the “hustle” mentality

  • manipulative marketing

  • shoulds

  • regrets

  • confusion

  • procrastination 

  • low self-worth

  • and all the other unconscious programs running underneath the engine of your enlightened business

Let’s get started

It is time to marry form and flow, the masculine and the feminine, the structure and the intuitive.

This is what we do in The Business Soul MAP

MAP stands for Momentum Aligned with Purpose


As the framework for all my facilitation and coaching services, the Business Soul MAP...  

  • offers a form that allows you and your business to flow

  • recognizes that creations in the world are powerfully supported when aligned with soul

  • encourages you to let your business be intuitive and spontaneous while having a solid structure 

  • empowers you with clarity and propels you in the direction of your dreams

  • honors truth and requires courage

Who do I work with? 

Small business owners, change agents, leaders, and innovators for good: 

  • conscious individuals with grand, inspired ideas 
  • wayshowers offering solutions to real problems
  • courageous creators who understand that global transformation is a calling

Whether you are thinking about a business idea or you own a business and want to grow it, the MAP is for you. 

Many of my clients are healers, teachers, coaches, artists, somatic practitioners, crafters, educators, yoga instructors, astrologers, and involved in service professions.


How Business Soul MAP Facilitation Works 


We meet for an initial discovery call to make sure the process is a fit for you. Next, we schedule your immersion session for online or in person. During the immersion session, I document notes and offer the necessary resources to implement your discoveries. One week later, we meet for a follow-up integration meeting. 

During The Business Soul MAP Immersion Session, we weave intuitive and somatic modalities and access the deep knowing inside of you. We explore all aspects of your business model and future ideas - the total 360 view. 

This is a full-spectrum, multidimensional process that brings out the best and worst of your business, and that is a good thing because awareness is the first step in transformation.

You will be fully engaged on many levels and find yourself in a magical, co-creative process where new insights and solutions surface.

As the facilitator, I guide you by asking specific questions. I bring presence, expertise, and the MAP framework. I track your words and energy, keeping the process real and honest. 

As we work together, you will be asked, “Is this lighting you up? Is this giving you energy or taking energy?” We focus on what brings you joy. We move the blocks, fears, patterns, thoughts, and mental misunderstandings that may keep you from your greatest success. We examine practical solutions such as automation, delegation, or elimination. You get a reality check on your business. 

You feel free and fresh and realize that the sky is the limit. You begin to align with Universal forces that want you to succeed. Cooperative components come forth.

You will see what is needed to make essential changes in your business and yourself. Whether aiming for sustainability or striving to scale your business, you gain the understanding and know-how to do so.

In the follow-up integration meeting, we further reflect and ensure that everything was documented in a way that you feel comfortable with and that you're confident to move forward in your business and make it all that you want it to be!

Why the Business Soul MAP works

With my 20-plus years of entrepreneurial experience as an economic development leader and a business trainer, I sincerely share that this process works! 

  • And the reason it works is that it is not linear. It is not stuck or stagnant, and it is not mental.

  • It works because it is cyclical, spontaneous, intuitive, and co-creative.

  • It works because it is based on solid principles and business foundations but is not burdened by these principles.

  •  The MAP is not an old school business model. I taught traditional entrepreneurship at a community college for eight years, and I found that the school book version of business planning is overly rigid and breaks. The old model is one-dimensional and falls flat. 

  • The Business Soul MAP takes the best business ideals and practices and brings them to life in the new world, where the energetic dances with the tangible.

  • It works because we do the process together. You, me, and the Divine at play! I am your Business Muse, letting my bright genius flow through me. This energy uplifts and opens the way for vision, new ideas, direction, systems, and services.


Business Soul MAP Coaching and Facilitation

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Meet Joy Taylor, creator of The Business Soul MAP, founder of A Soul-Inspired Life, and the past director of The Women’s Business Center in Northern California. Her passion is empowering and equipping individuals to live, love, and lead a life of purpose.

Through professional consulting and training, Joy has assisted thousands of people in starting and growing businesses. With a background as a successful wellness entrepreneur, she enjoys offering a holistic approach to business development, inspiring people to work aligned with their soul’s values.

The author of the #1 best-selling book, Inspired, Joy speaks at conscious business and leadership events and on various online media. As an intuitive business muse, she believes that life is for you, and you deserve the good coming your way!

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'I was about to launch a new, (mostly) online, conscious dance certification training program in partnership with Shakti Shiva Academy, when my business partner and I turned to Joy for some inspired support.  

At the time we were feeling a little overwhelmed, and somewhat lost, within the plethora of content choices and marketing options out there, so the clarity and simplicity of Joy's business soul mapping process really helped us to find our way to successfully launching our BlissDance training to the world.  

These pearls from Joy were particularly potent:

1) People follow people first, and content and systems second

2) The certification track needs to be crystal clear and powerfully motivating

3) Double the length of time to market and be interviewed far and wide

4) Introduce complimentary, one-on-one Discovery Calls with the facilitator to support the potential participant's decision-making process.”

- Kali Widd,

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