Wisdoms and Resources to Share



I created this material to accompany the Audible. However, it is available to anyone ready to explore and experiment with inspiration.

With it, you can go deeper into your inner wisdom. I hope you enjoy the activities and use the glossary to contemplate. May it enhance your journey to a soul-inspired life. 


Here are your 2-minute Wisdom Activation Audio Files

As you read Inspired, I refer to these fast tracks to assist in the embodiment of each of the Widsoms. The Activations are short meditations, visualizations, experiments, and prayers. Trust. Inner-Honoring. Guidance. Courage. Evolving. Gratitude. Generosity.

7 Wisdoms Quick Reference Guide

Explore the Affirmations, Actions, and Attributes from Inspire, 

In this handy one-page PDF,

you get the cliff notes for the Inspired book. 


I love music!

It has always been that way.  Listening, playing along, or dancing -  music is healing for celebration and for connection. Music propels us to express and feel.

Music is a messenger. Music escorts us into new energies. It signals evolutions and inspires us to new states of consciousness.

I love to collect positive songs - songs that uplift.

As a way to share artists and songs with others, I created a playlist for each of the seven Wisdoms of a soul inspired life. You can find them all (plus a lot more) on Spotify at JoyTaylorInspired.


A Note About Inspired

If you are open and willing, wisdom changes you— perhaps even drastically transforms your life.

You may gain the fortitude to follow a dream, speak up, forgive, open your heart for deeper intimacy, or find more compatible and supportive relationships. You might start new health habits or let go of an addiction.

Change happens when, as you read, you utilize not only your mental capacities but employ your intuitive and spiritual nature as well—for embodied learning involves all of you.
I invite you to put your heart front and center. I invite you to know your shadows and be freed from their hold on your life. I invite you to awaken your wisdom from within.

Thank you for living inspired – Joy Taylor

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