When we source pure presence and power from within, we are naturally called to share it with others through the sacred service of our lives.

About Joy

Joy Taylor is the founder of A Soul-Inspired Life, a company dedicated to the evolution of consciousness. The author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book Inspired, she is passionate about empowering people to contribute to a better world through spiritual embodiment and inspired action.

As a successful entrepreneur and Business Intuitive, she has helped thousands of professionals, healers, practitioners, coaches, and trainers build profitable, purposeful businesses. In 2019, she developed The Business Soul MAP - a flexible, visual framework that creates clarity and momentum for leaders building businesses in alignment with their visions and values.

Her background includes serving as a somatic therapist and intuitive healer, corporate marketing and sales trainer, college-level business faculty, and Director of The Women’s Business Center in Northern California. She is the founder of the sister company, Lead Online Academy, Inc., which offers new model training management services for economic development organizations.  

Joy is an ordained priestess, lover of the wild, tantrica, certified massage therapist, and an artist of life. As a companion guide in awakening, Joy honors the principles of nature and each individual's innate ability to heal and experience greater, sustainable happiness.

Joy emanates love and draws from rich spiritual traditions, including metaphysical Christianity, Hasidic Judaism, and Hindu philosophy. A student of the mystical and esoteric arts, she weaves dance, music, writing, and visual expression into her alchemical work as a companion guide in awakening.

Deeper into me …

My life has had highs and lows. I’ve hit rock bottom, and I’ve reached mountain peaks. My experiences have been difficult and easy. Clumsy and graceful. And always - alive.   

I’ve lost and grieved - money, homes, businesses, people, and security. I know intense emotions (anger, jealousy, regret, sadness, and fear). In the depths of loss and grief, I came to understand that the way through is through. Emotions are my greatest teachers that fuel profound and lasting forgiveness and healing, and change. 

In the integration of emotions, I’ve gained a great appreciation for equanimity - as a state of being. With maturity, practice, and wisdom, I have attained this steady, peaceful space within.  


One of my core life lessons is maintaining my center of personal power and not giving authority to others. In the past, I abandoned myself for pleasing, proving, or money. I hurried when I needed to wait. I said yes when my gut said no. I put pleasing above my feeling. 

Through intensive studies, diligent practice, and my most recent sabbatical, I now live my authentic self. I speak of my needs and wants. I express my soul in thought, word, and deed.

Aligning with my soul essence, I realize that I am not anything I will not take with me when I die. I am not my bank account. I am not my credentials. I am not my home. I am not my personality or my body. I am eternal. 

My personal awakening transformed my life and work. I was forced to re-arrange and re-organize.

Now, it is my honor and delight to support others as they clarify what matters most and create a life based on their soul essence and deepest values.

As an oracle, truth-teller, and wisdom keeper, I serve to guide people in living with integrity. As a highly sensitive individual, I feel deeply. My empathic abilities allow me to sense the energy of people and places. This gift taught me clear discernment, purification methods, and energy cleansing practices.  

My desire is always to bring my humanity and humility to my service. This is why I call myself a companion guide. 

As Ram Das put it, “We are all walking each other home.” 

It is my honor and delight to walk with you.

  • Innovators offering solutions for a better world

  • Coaches, healers, consultants, and service professionals ready for a refreshing path to confidence and visibility  

  • Change agents and wisdom warriors ready to bring your powerful messages to a larger audience

  • Authors and trainers expanding into a global digital presence

  • Women who are awakening and boldly sharing their deep feminine glow 

The Mission of A Soul Inspired Life is to educate, empower, and transform people and businesses to co-create a more loving, harmonious world.

Our clients include evolutionary leaders and entrepreneurs who are creating businesses that raise consciousness and contribute to a better world. Our clients also include individuals sincerely dedicated to spiritual growth and loving relationships. 

As a community, we celebrate living, loving, and leading soul-inspired lives. 

The Values We Hold

  • Integrity – honest and authentic in thought, word, and deed
  • Gaia Consciousness - awakening and evolving in alignment with Gaia
  • Contribution - serving what is needed and adapting to what is relevant
  • Creativity - being inspired to share and express the heart’s brilliance
  • Beauty - celebrating love through quality, harmony, and clarity  

What Joy is passionate about …

  • celebrating and connecting in community
  • regenerative gardens
  • yoga, hiking, swimming, skiing, and movement 
  • singing, chanting, and songwriting 
  • being in the presence of enlightened ones
  • bowing to the mystery
  • living with my feet on the Earth

Learn about my proprietary Business Soul MAP process and how you can utilize this tool in a private or group immersion. Build the work you love aligned with pure intentions, vision, and values.


Let's meet one on one, and dive deep into your beautiful journey of transformation. As your companion guide in awakening, I offer practical and life-affirming spiritual direction to support all areas of your life.


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