I had to stop and make it up as I went along.

In 2021, I realized I needed to STOP and reassess my life. I needed a reset after an especially intense (busy) three years. I embarked on my 2022 sabbatical knowing it would be a life changing year. I went all in with the intention to transform, find deeper peace, and awaken in my consciousness (little did I know what ‘initiations’ that would entail). 

Taking a year away from my clients and courses was terrifying and liberating. 

So, what did I do? Where did I go?

The first six months, I traveled the world. With my companion Kirk, we visited South Africa, Mozambique, Israel, eastern Europe, and southern France. We were guided to these locations to study the spiritual and somatic arts. We visited sacred sites, communed with nature, and learned from extraordinary people. 

When we started the journey, we did not have an itinerary. We only knew that Cape Town, South Africa was destination number one. The rest, we made up as we went along.

Word of mouth, uncanny synchronicities, and intuition guided our way.

Below is a short recap.

Topics of study: We attended various programs in body de-armoring, dance and movement therapies, energy and subtle body awareness, emotional release, the alchemy of the evolved masculine and feminine within, tantra, and healing methodologies (energy orgasms and Kahuna massage). (whew! talk about a download.)

Highlights: The memories are precious including connecting with many kindred spirits in Cape Town, wild dolphin swim in the Indian Ocean, safari in South Africa, Huni Quin ayahuasca ceremonies, peaceful days in Bodhi Khaya eco-retreat center, an eight-day water fast, wilderness hiking, tours in Jerusalem, visiting Magdala on the Sea of Galilee, trekking in St. Baume, France, and entering the Mary Magdalene cave.

After months of travel and deep inner work, I needed to integrate. My nervous system took in a lot. It was time to chill. A clairvoyant experience led me to my next destination.



In mid-July, I arrived at sacred Mt. Shasta and went into retreat, living alone in a yurt in the woods for seven weeks. I swam daily in Lake Siskiyou. I fell in love with yoga, writing, contemplation, and mostly: ME! 

Thus, a deeper healing began to take place which I will explain and put into context in my next message. I’ll get vulnerable and share the The Lowlights - the difficult and shadow parts - of last year. That is when the disruption, redemption, and reconciliation rocked my world and brought me into greater integrity with self. 

While my sabbatical “reset” year involved some beautiful memories, it also forced me to hit rock bottom. All my experiences served as catalysts for inner growth – the maturity in my awareness that I had been praying for. (Prayer works!

Life looks different today. I feel blessed and I am grateful for all of it. 

Are you seeing how life circumstances are catalyzing your inner growth?

May we move through life with self-compassion and care. 

Until next time,

Your Companion Guide in Awakening,



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