How To Be An Intuitive Leader

How To Be An Intuitive Leader

Oct 22, 2022


Intuition is nothing new. Everyone is born with it. Not everyone uses it. Do you?

Ancient wisdom, neuroscience, and modern research have discovered the profound results of developing inner guidance to be a better leader.  Intuition is an essential tool for innovation and decision-making. Intuition expands creativity, productivity, and grace.

Living in this logical world, we have been trained to block our intuition. Our conditioning tells us to listen to the mind. Schools teach us to use data analysis for decision-making. We are not encouraged to feel. We are taught to be rational. 

This is especially true in traditional business.  

However, that is changing. 

Creative entrepreneurs have long accessed their intuition. To grow a business with consciousness, it is imperative to combine experience, data points, and intuition for professional clarity.

One of the major leadership changes today is the conversation regarding the use of intuition and other non-logical ways in decision-making and team management. This is the way forward. 

Forbes, SBN Online, American Express, Inc, and other publications are bringing more attention to the power of intuition in business. Are we ready to embrace this consciousness arising within us as a global community? Are we collectively creating new models of work? 

I see ample evidence to say, ‘Yes!’ 

A new day is dawning. How we work is changing. Intuition is now invited to the table of business plans, team meetings, office design, CEO strategies, and business growth. 

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

So how do we do it? We each must start with ourselves. I know it has taken time to trust my intuition and follow what feels right. I had to learn not to emphasize what looks good or pleases others so much. I am still learning. 

I have struggled with indecision and uncertainty in my business for years. I'm getting better at leading with my intuition. But for many years, I didn't trust my intuition. I let low self-worth keep me from the magic of my work. I let outdated ideas imprison me in tradition and logic. I did what I thought others wanted or what might work. This got me contracts and clients, but it wasn’t always what wanted. 

Over time, I built stronger intuitive abilities and trusted them. I chose more often to go with what expanded me. 

I began to value my uniqueness. I learned to trust my gut and the signs and symbols that came my way. 

That is when everything changed for me! 

With intuition as the guiding light in my business, I have fewer overwhelming feelings. I'm less inclined to get frozen by fear. Instead, I follow my senses where they take me. I trust positive momentum. I am more often in the flow, allowing the next steps to appear before me. I experience miracles and let coincidences direct my work.

My work is bigger than me. I am part of a greater cause. 

In my first book, Inspired, I devoted a whole chapter to intuition with the title ‘Life is Guiding You’. 

While I was writing, I researched intuition, body-based knowing, and psychic abilities. The framework, practices, and stories offered in that chapter are the backbone of how I help others access intuition for their success. 

Accessing guidance is one thing; acting on it is another. It requires self-esteem to have the courage to trust and act on intuition.

Do you trust your intuition? Do you include it in decision-making in your business? I invite you to explore your relationship with intuition and trust your inner knowing as you grow your business. With intuition, you learn how to let energy, intentions, inspiration, and intuition work with you and your business.

Perhaps now is the time for energy to come first and guide the decisions of your business. 

We are best not to rely solely on the past to make decisions for the future. In today’s world, it will be intuition that guides us.

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