Be Your Own Intuitive

Be Your Own Intuitive



There are times when you just want the answer. 

I get it.

You might be too confused or overwhelmed to make a good decision on your own. The options might be heavily charged and you just can’t see clearly. You might have a hunch, but are afraid to act on it.

I get all of that, too! 

In the past, whenever I felt lost and desperate for the truth, I would pick up the phone and “dial a psychic.” I would seek Intuitive Readings, pull divination decks, ask the oracle cards, or use a pendulum - anything to just get an answer. 

I desperately looked outside of myself because I did not slow down enough to look inside of myself and feel what was right for me. I got caught up in the intensity of grasping for the answers. I felt anxious and disempowered. 

Can you relate?

I was seeking outside for what was already inside of me. Overtime, this unhealthy habit changed. I started prioritizing my state of being and energy which established me in higher vibrational states and thus higher truths.

I decided not to reach out, but reach in. I made consistent and conscious choices to bring myself into a more peaceful place. To find quiet. To meditate, walk, dance, emotionally express, or shake out the anxiety FIRST. I do whatever it takes to get my energy in balance.

Answers are not available in the state of trauma and fear. But once my energy felt calmer, I could find clarity within.

Once you are in a peaceful quiet space in your mind-body-emotions, you can be your own intuitive. You don’t need outside help. Get quiet and then…

  • Ask yourself a question and wait to see, hear, feel, or know the answer.
  • Write down a question. Let your Higher Self answer you through writing. 
  • Pray for a clear message or sign. Be on the lookout for the answers.
  • Follow what expands you and lights you up, one step at a time.
  • Ask yourself a yes or no question and feel into your body. Is it a “yes” (peaceful, happy) or is it a “no” (pit in stomach)?

Ultimately, only you can make your life choices. We are each 100% responsible for where we are and the decisions we make. 

Having said that, at times utilizing an outside source for guidance can be helpful by enabling you to see your blind spots.

However, it’s not helpful to you when you always give your power away, blindly trust or rely on others, or to desperately grasp for outside help. This creates an unhealthy dependence and only weakens your ability to know for yourself. 

Here is the thing- you must be the final authority on the choices you make. 

At the right times, an intuitive reading may be extremely helpful and even life-saving. At its best, it is a co-creative partnership. The reader (or the cards) gives you information and insights to help you navigate a path ahead. 

Bottom line - It is imperative to grow your own intuition and trust it. This is spiritual self-esteem. It is a disservice to yourself to constantly (desperately) rely on others outside of yourself. This is giving your spirit away. Only you know what is ultimately best for you.

The YOU who is in tune with your best next step is the YOU who is in tune to Source and to your True Self.

When you relax and let the mind go, let the programs and conditioned beliefs go, when you let yourself be an antenna for truth, getting answers becomes natural, because it is natural. 

The best Intuitive Guides empower their clients to see their own truth by their example and through the osmosis of realization. 

When you are a committed seeker of truth, you will use outside input as a means towards understanding how to feel into your own guidance system. When you resonate with a psychic’s observation, you get a direct experience of feeling the truth.

I wish you well on your journey – one next step at a time. Be gentle with yourself. Slow down and tune-in. 

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