A Willingness to Witness

Aug 07, 2023
When you bring your fear-based conditioning into consciousness and challenge it, instead of ignoring or resisting it, you find true freedom. As you clear out the clutter in your psyche, you are better suited to be an instrument of inspiration. 
Inner-honoring is learning to witness your life and emotions. 
Witnessing is not about reliving trauma and suffering; it is about becoming aware of past conditioning in order to transform
If you allow it, you will feel the bliss of healing: it is like a soak in warm mineral springs—calming and cleansing.
As you gently explore your inner landscape, you find what gets in the way of your personality aligning with your soul. You sense the interference. 
As you name that interference for what it is, you automatically separate yourself from the interference. You identify to it and no longer identify as it. 
Awareness is the first step. Awareness is power.
When you clear the interference, you connect more with your soul. When you connect with your soul, you clear out interference. It goes both ways. As this alchemy takes place, you refine your personality and you become a better instrument of inspiration.
What is my role as a spiritual companion guide? 
It is simple. I help people cultivate a calmness inside, an environment of peace, and a willingness to witness themselves. Over time, with this new viewpoint—that of loving awareness—perception begins to change.
When you perceive with less resistance, miracles happen. 
Life unfolds more naturally, trust becomes heightened, and relationships improve. When you put inner exploration and self- acceptance as a primary focus, then loving action in the outer world becomes a natural byproduct of the peace and progress within. 
Transformation is natural. You live from a soul inspired state, not from fear patterns. 

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