JOY LINKS for October 2019

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It’s all about you. That is why I start each JOY LINKS highlighting a subscriber.
This month meet Lauri McKean, the founder of The Power of Yin. Lauri just moved to Ashland, Oregon, and I’m thrilled to have her in my hometown. The Power of Yin is based in the energetic principles of Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi and Qigong. Lauri's work empowers women to work and lead with greater ease, flow and power.
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A Soul Inspired Life LINKS

The principles and practices in the book Grow a New Body have become game-changers for me! I’m off all sugars and feeling lighter, calmer, and clearer. The book helps you 'grow a new body' - one that heals rapidly, retains its youthful vitality, and keeps you connected to Spirit, to the earth, and to a renewed sense of purpose in your life.
Every morning, I enjoy my Purium Green Spectrum Green Drink! Tasty, refreshing, and alkalizing - organic and pure. You can get $50 off when you buy $75 of product. Use my gift code: WellnessVentures (I like the products so much that I am a distributor for this company.)
With the audible version of Inspired, listeners are invited to close their eyes and listen to the poems accompanied by original inspired music. I have started posting the Wisdom poems on my YouTube Channel. One poem a week. Check out the first poem Here, and see the other video resources at JoyTaylorInspired. Relax, and enjoy!

Soul Inspired Leadership LINKS

The masterful Tanya Quinn is offering a free Master Class: “Small Actions Framework to Do More Good in the World AND Grow Your Business.” Reserve your space for October 29th. She’s impressive and full of great ideas.
Looking for help with online marketing automations? Have you heard about SYNDUIT? This software combines email marketing, event registration, landing page platform, social media scheduling and more – all in one place! Many of my clients who are getting started in business are choosing it as a comprehensive purchase.

Inspired Insight for October: (From Inspired)

“Our triggers hold the answers. If something upsets you, there is unfinished business inside of you, wanting your attention. As you commit to growth, your emotions will reveal where you are wavering, where you have a “charge,” and, therefore, where you need to grow. Triggers point to the specific areas where you want healing.”

Together we are INSPIRED!

Joy Taylor

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