Empath or Intuitive?

Are You an Empath or Intuitive? Or both?

Mar 20, 2023


What a good question. You see, Empathy and Intuition are similar, but not the same.

An empath feels the energy of people and places. They are highly sensitive people who can feel the fear in a room or sense the anger of someone in the grocery line. Their energy centers and aura pick up on what is happening around them. They often feel very deeply.

Empaths know that we are one. They live in a state of connection with their environment. To varying degrees, they experience the Unified Field whether they are aware of it or not. This is a good thing, but it can be challenging as well.

The problem is that empaths don’t always know why they feel the way they feel. They take on others’ stuff (energy, thoughts, emotions, and even physical health concerns). 

While their beautiful sensitivity can be incredibly nurturing to the people around them, empaths often feel overwhelmed by giving too much or being overly responsible. They can get confused as to what emotions belong to them or to others. They may lose their stability and feel anxiety. They sometimes give their power away to others without even knowing it. They don’t always feel safe or like they even belong on Earth. 

Below is a list of what empaths need to feel calm and excel with their empathic gifts.

  • Grounding activities that help them feel rooted and stable. 
  • Centering practices like breathing that bring them into the now moment. 
  • Movement and exercises like yoga, walking, and dance that allow them to feel safe and comfortable in their body. 
  • Affirmations, songs, and mantras that support them in understanding their own Soul nature and stepping into their personal power.
  • Routines that keep them relaxed. 
  • Time and space alone, in water and in nature, to purify and cleanse their body-mind-spirit.
  • To create and maintain clear agreements and boundaries. 
  • Calming, anti-inflammatory foods and herbal teas that provide nerve support and adaptogens.
  • To put their gifts to use through counseling, healing, and listening. 
  • To use their empathy to help others see things about themselves that are holding them back.
  • A solid belief that it is safe to be on Earth.

So, what is an Intuitive?

An intuitive is one who can see, feel, hear, and know the truth without reason or logic. You can read my previous posts (links) to understand the nuances of Intuition. 

How is an intuitive person different from an empath and can you be both?

A person strong in their intuition may also be an empath to varying degrees. As you read below, perhaps you’ll gain clarity for yourself. 

Overall, an Intuitive is able to turn their intuition on and off. An Intuitive can tell the difference between what is theirs and what is others’. An intuition taps into future possibilities and other realms outside of their physical surroundings. They may be able to remote view, receive visions, messages, or deep impressions. 

While an empath picks up on the auric field and energy in a room, an Intuitive may direct their perception beyond the current space, time, and people. They read energy that is outside of the auric or energy field. Intuitives utilize their third eye to move beyond the current situation and gather higher sourced information. They tap into Source, Guides, and their Higher Self. This gives an intuitive access to knowledge beyond empathic feelings. 

Empaths feel present moment reality. Intuitives know the truth and see potential. 

You can be both. 

You can grow these soul gifts. 

Let your intuition and empathy serve you well.

And may you use them for the GOOD. 

Are you an empath or intuitive or both?

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