People are telling me I’m different.

People have been telling me that my energy has shifted, that I’m different than before. 

And I know, I shed much of who I thought I was over the last year.

I stripped away layers of pretense and the need to please, making room for the ‘real Joy’. I’ve come home – home to mySelf. This is better than anything I could have imagined. I faced my shadows and laid down my defenses. I surrendered. (Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound.

When we really wake up to the exquisite nature within, we want nothing but truth in all areas of our lives. 

My 2022 travels and tribulations taught me so much!

  • My sabbatical year escorted me to spiritual sovereignty – to be my own authority following inner guidance, come what may
  • My sabbatical year enhanced my compassion. 
  • My sabbatical year brought me into my body and got me grounded. 
  • My sabbatical year blessed me with inspiration and allowed me to reclaim my personal power. 
  • My sabbatical year showed me it is ok to rock the boat. 

And the boat did rock. At the start of 2023, (amicably and with a ton of love), my Beloved Kirk and I stepped forward on separate paths. Our conscious uncoupling process brought heart-ache and heart-opening - so profound. We remain dear friends. 

To sum it up (tie it in a bow), I’ve been through personal reconciliation and reclamation (and I saw some amazing places along the way). 

So, yes, when people tell me I’ve changed, they are right! 

I have copious insights to share, and many of you have been asking to know more about my pilgrimage - the adventures and the wisdoms. 

I invite you to register for the Psychic and Intuitive Abilities Summit where I share more in my interview. Experience the Summit and check out my session airs April 13th at 3 pm, The Power of Trust and The Courage to Be True.

Thank you for witnessing my path in these recent emails. I hope it inspired you. I am honored to have you in my life – whether I know you well or we are just getting acquainted. 

Your Companion Guide in Awakening and Mystic with feet on the earth.



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