Let me introduce the new Joy


I did something different. I put my business on pause and claimed 2022 as a work sabbatical year and embarked on an international spiritual pilgrimage.  You didn't hear from me and now I am back to talk about where I have been and what this time brought forth.

It was awesome, wonderful, terrifying, disruptive, and transformational – and exactly what I needed to grow. More details about that later. 

Many of you know me well. 

However, for those of you wondering, who is Joy? 

Let me re-introduce myself. I’m a devotee of truth and a student of life. You may know me from women’s leadership events, my book Inspired, Amazon Herbs Company, or one of my spiritual growth events. I’m dedicated to the evolution of consciousness and grounding spirituality. As a practitioner, I offer resources, support, and training for a soul-inspired life and work.



But last year, I stopped. I focused on inspiring myself. I took a leap of faith and a break. 

One year later, after a profound journey, I’m back with new visions and ideas for 2023. I’m wiser, utterly transformed, and ready to share. 

I learned so much over the last year. Mostly, I became more embodied. By that I mean, I experience more energy and presence in my physical form. To be here now in presence, I had to let go of what was in the way of my True Nature. That’s right, multiple painful ego deaths. There were multiple bliss moments, too. 

My sense is I’m not the only one shedding fear and embodying more love. Are you?

We can fight it or go with it. 

Life circumstances will push us towards greater awareness, whether we think we are ready or not.

That’s what happened to me.  I was pushed. I believe my personal story can serve others, and I’ve been encouraged to share it.

In the next 3 weeks, I’ll be sharing highlights, lowlights, and insights from my pilgrimage. Be on the lookout for mystical stories, crazy wisdom, and vulnerable honesty.

Thanks for being here, and I look forward to sharing with you. 

Your Companion Guide in Awakening,




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