What Blocks Intuition?

Feb 24, 2023

There are many reasons and ways that people block their intuition. 

#1 - Reliance on data and logic is the number one killer of intuitive knowledge. If you let the mind lead you, you’re in your head, and this is blocking your intuition. People block their true and natural intuition when their brain steps in with the answers that are stored in their data banks. (See blog post _____ for more information on this.) 

A busy mind does not allow for the creative, intuitive brain to be heard or felt. 

#2 - Fear of the future and desired outcomes also delude intuition. When individuals possess a strong attachment to a desired outcome, the emotional charge of that grasping (which involves both fear and fantasy) becomes interference, which inevitably creates false projection or judgment of what is really going on. 

To receive accurate and clear guidance, one must be committed to knowing the truth. With fear and fantasy in the way, people stay stuck in what they want or what they fear and this makes them unable to see the truth.

Fears and fantasies are heavily charged and make certain choices difficult. We must release these charges to be in charge of our choices. Otherwise, fear and fantasy will get the best of you - moving you towards your attachments. 

#3 – Avoidance of discomfort and change. The truth will set us free, and sometimes the truth is initially uncomfortable. It may require deep soul searching. We will need to face aspects of ourselves that we want to deny. It may ask us to leave safety and step into a bigger perspective. 

Insecurity will block us or try to keep us safe. We may need to risk the approval of others; we may have to disappoint others. 

It takes courage and healthy self-worth to act on guidance because it will take you into new places. Disapproval and disappointing others is simply a risk we have to take. 

# 4 - Patterns and Programs. Your lineage, cultural pressures, and past lives may have trained you to be afraid of your spiritual gifts. Perhaps you were persecuted, ostracized, and silenced for utilizing your intuitive or healing abilities in a past life, or maybe an ancestor was. Maybe your parents silenced you or told you your visions were only “imagination”. 

It is possible that your extra sensory perception is closed off as a form of protection. At some time, you may have been punished or ridiculed  for being truthful or psychic.  If you are still holding trauma from past life experiences or carry an ancestral burden, it will affect you in this one. 

If you don’t feel safe, you will block your abilities. Releasing traumas and learning to feel safe will begin the process of opening your guidance system to you. There are many tools and energy healings that can assist you in this process including my courses or private sessions. 

# 5 - Low spiritual self-esteem. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will stay blocked. You may not consider yourself intuitive. You might have some negative self-doubt, second guessing, or feel unable to step into your spiritual power. 

This might have developed because you made bad decisions in the past. Past regrets and stories of “making the wrong decisions” also keeps us from the innate ability to simply know. We think we suck at making choices. Thus, we second guess and doubt ourselves.

All of these blocks hold us back from an intuitive life. We can’t SEE the truth. 

Imagine with me for a moment that there is an answer to your question at the bottom of a pool. But you can’t see the pool’s floor because the water is turbulent. That turbulence is all of your mind ‘s incessant chatter- fears, desires, avoidance, insecurities, and negative self-talk. All of these influences and the blocks listed above are making waves and getting in the way of your answer at the bottom of the pool. 

You must calm the waters before seeing the truth. But how?

Once you know the source of the turbulence (your intuitive blocks), you can look out for them. Observe when you are falling into any of the above blocks and make a new choice. The choice to quiet your mind and tune in to peace will get you started.

Intuition is always available. The more you use it, the more it grows! 

There are skills, practices, and steps that support the development of these multi-sensory capabilities. Check out my upcoming course, “Energy, Intuition, and Awareness” if you are interested in clearing the blocks and growing your soul gifts, including intuition.

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