Conscious Love

Conscious Relationships During Times of Change.

Aug 02, 2021

When you engage in a healthy relationship, you have the grand opportunity to share yourself - all of yourself - what you like and what you deny. In a deep healthy relationship, there is no hiding.

Relationships call for truth-telling, and it begins with you being true to yourself.

  • Can you look yourself in the eyes and be real with yourself? 
  • Are you willing to let your guards down and expose your deepest feelings with yourself? 
  • Do you notice the hidden fears that drive your unconscious behaviors? 

As you are honest with yourself, you can share honestly with others. 

Relationships help you see yourself more clearly. You see yourself more clearly through others' reflections. 

The people in your life shed light on areas of you that require purification. They call it out. Whether consciously communicated or in a random outburst, heed the message. Listen.

Tune in ...There may be truth told that you need to hear. A truth that allows you to course-correct your character. A truth that allows you to transmute stuck energetic patterns.

In the massive transformation happening on the planet, we are all off-gassing. We are releasing old hurts, misunderstandings, fear, and anger. Sometimes the toxic thoughts (repressed feelings) sound harsh.

If comments directed at you are tainted with anger, don't accept the anger, but inquire into any truth being shared.

If this is happening in your life, cut your loved ones some slack. Cut yourself some slack. 

This is not an excuse to "get angry." This is not an open invitation to intentionally hurt others. This is a warning that as the earth is erupting, so are we.

Ideally, we take deep breaths and utilize conscious communication skills. However, even the best of us are being squeezed under the pressures of world events right now and at times the top bursts.

Deep breath. 

The invitation is this - No matter the delivery, there will be aspects of any comment that can be accurate (strike a cord of truth) and propel you forward towards your growth. I know, we all want a sliver dish with delicacies. But ugh - sometimes it's a tomato in your face.

See what is there for you. Toss what is not yours. Discard it. 

I am exploring this process in my relationship, and I have found insights. I have realized (REAL EYES) that I am not as sensitive to my Beloved's needs as I thought. I have seen my self-centered ways. 

I am asking myself...

  • How can I be more loving and aware of others' needs?
  • How can I better anticipate ways to care for others?
  • How can I stop selfishness and give without sacrificing?

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