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When our values rearrange, life must change. 

It happened to me.

At the start of 2022, I voluntarily changed my outer world. I let go of my titles and my work. I left my home, community, and friends. I stripped myself of roles and the familiar. I entered the unknown and embarked on a journey to study new topics and meet new people who knew nothing about me.


Being immersed in new cultures and ways of life, helped me to release out-dated beliefs and habits. Through the studies I shed tons of personal stories. With somatic practices I walked through many fears and made it courageously and confidently to the other side! 

Then, as the year progressed, a surprising life circumstance happened and forced me to shed yet more. I was faced with a sudden and substantial financial loss. 

Looking at it from my current vantage point, all of the changes are exactly what catalyzed a profound awakening. The distributions became my teachers. The loss brought me back to integrity. 

I practiced the spiritual dynamics I had written about in my first book. 

“Life is for me. I live in a benevolent world. I learn as I live. I am evolving through all that happens to me. Thank you, everything (even the hard stuff).” 

I also felt and released tremendous emotions like grief, anger, regret, and self-condemnation. I cultivated a loving presence and got in touch with my feelings. 

And now?  

I realize that what I thought mattered (achievements, accolades, possessions, a home) are not what really matters. All these outer “things” are not what define me. In letting go of the familiar (and a chunk of money), I came to know my True Nature. 

I left on the sabbatical thinking I’d find out who I am, but first I needed to find out who I am not.

  • I am not my work or credentials. 
  • I am not the assets in my bank account. 
  • I am not my titles and roles. 
  • I am not my personality’s beliefs and stories. 
  • I am NOT anything I won’t take with me when I die. 

I am eternal. I am an authentic Soul-expression taking form in this human earth suit. Wow – what a concept. What a truth to behold. 

From this orientation, I am deliberately restructuring my life and work. I’ve been humbled. I am grateful. I’ll touch on more of my restructuring in my next message. 

Perhaps you’ve gone through something similar, where loss became a catalyst to rearrange your values and remind you who you truly are? 

Please share. 

Your Companion Guide in Awakening,



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