Empowering Transformational Entrepreneurs to Succeed.


This free business growth bundle will introduce you to The Business Soul Map‚ĄĘ¬†through a live interactive pre-recorded workshop with Joy, where you can get out of overwhelm into more predictable sales.



  • Interactive Workshop Recording

  • Printable Worksheet and Action Plan

  • Business Resource Guide¬†

  • Two Audio¬†Energetic Tune-Ups


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A diagnostic tool to get clear on where you stand in your business - assessing strengths and weaknesses


Empowering Transformational Entrepreneurs to Succeed.
Empowering Transformational Entrepreneurs to Succeed.


A vision quest to set your horizon for breakthrough success and creative intentions



Clarity, strategy, and next steps to create momentum in all areas of your business


Empowering Transformational Entrepreneurs to Succeed.

Bring paper and pen, and be prepared to take notes as you gain inspiration and direction. 


Business is an intuitive art, and this nuts and bolts video will awaken your creative brilliance while informing you on best practices for starting, growing, or scaling a business.


The Business Soul Map was created to empower transformational entrepreneurs to succeed.

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I'm Ready to Soul Map my Business

The Business Soul Map‚ĄĘ

  1. Offers a form that allows you and your business to flow

  2. Recognizes that creations in the world are powerfully supported when aligned with soul 

  3. Encourages you to let your business be intuitive and spontaneous while having a solid structure 

  4. Empowers you with clarity as you set milestone goals and prioritize tasks

  5. Honors truth and requires courage to take risks and make effective decisions in your business

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Who is this for?

conscious individuals with grand, inspired ideas 

courageous creators who understand that global transformation is a calling

way-showers offering solutions to real problems

Whether you are thinking about a business idea or own a business and want to grow or scale it. The map is for you.


Ideal for healers, teachers, coaches, artists, somatic practitioners, crafters, educators, yoga instructors, astrologers, and service professionals.


This prerecorded Business Soul Map Workshop takes the mystery out of business and makes it accessible, understandable, and manageable.


Learn Your Business Soul Here

Meet Joy


Joy Clarissa Taylor is an intuitive business mentor & authenticity coach. Author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book INSPIRED: 7 Wisdoms of a Soul-Inspired Life, she is passionate about empowering people to contribute to a better world through authentic spiritual embodiment and inspired action.

Joy served as college faculty developing and teaching leadership courses for entrepreneurs. She created The Business Soul Map, a transformational process for progressive entrepreneurs, and facilitates A Women’s Way of Awakening programs. Devoted to helping others experience soul somatic integration, she weaves her decades of experience as a licensed massage therapist, certified Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, ordained priestess, and yoga instructor.

Joy Clarrisa Taylor
deeply understand your business soul
deeply understand your business soul
deeply understand your business soul
deeply understand your business soul

Empowering Transformational Entrepreneurs to Succeed.



Learn to deeply understand your business soul.