How Do You Wake Up in Spirit?

How Do You Wake Up in Spirit?

Nov 19, 2022

What does it mean to Spiritually Awaken?

Are you curious about spiritual awakening? The word “awaken” has now made it into the urban dictionary.  People are looking for mindfulness, consciousness, awareness and awakenings. Perhaps you too are on that journey?

Spiritual Awakening is a pathway and journey of embodying your true self; where you are simultaneously aware of self and other, self and universe and one who is infinitely connected to all things. It is a state of being that is hard to describe but can be sensed and experienced directly. 

To awaken is to know and identify as a Soul. Many refer to this as your true nature, light being, energy, part of the whole, or state of pure love. You have a personality and a body, but that is not your essential or eternal self. Your True Self is that of a soul.

To embody is to bring your True Self into physicality and integrate this energy and essence within your body. When we embody, we are attuned to truth, pure love and the unity of all.

To awaken and embody is not always easy. It changes your outer life; sometimes in drastic and initially painful ways. The inner gets reflected in the outer. There is death and rebirth. Old habits die and new actions are initiated. 

What happens when you touch this awakened state? As circumstances change, forms change. People, work, finances and other false forms of identity or security may fall away and new forms and connections emerge. Connections more inclusive of love and congruent with truth develop. 

Forms change and feelings emerge. As you embody your true essence, emotions that have been repressed will emerge. Grief, fear, and anger can surface. If ignored or unfelt, the emotions are stuck inside the body and can create dis-ease, pain and life challenges. 

The important thing is to remember that feeling is healing.

Embrace the feelings and transcend and transform through them. When you meet your pain; knowing it is for your greatest good – you can relax into the process of transformation and embodiment. Yes, enlightenment destroys everything that is not truth and love.

The way through is through. 

We can try and avoid the painful decisions, but they do not go away. We can postpone them. Yet they will live in our bodies (as dis-ease) for some future time when we face and feel the truth. 

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