The Future is a Moving Target.

The Future is a Moving Target.

Mar 06, 2023


I hate to break it to you, but there are no fortune tellers who can predict the future, because the future is not fixed. The future recalibrates based on our choices and energy. 

So, no one is 100% accurate when looking into their “crystal bowl.” They will see possible timelines, but there is no definitive. 

What an intuitive person can do is see probabilities based on the energies of the “now moment.” And you can do that, too!

While probabilities can be assessed, life also rearranges as the consciousness of all involved changes and transforms. 

Sometimes bringing awareness to some situation changes EVERYTHING. Have you ever had that experience? 

When you become aware of an aspect of yourself (like a blind spot, limiting belief, or illusionary story) you have the opportunity to change. When you change, your vibration shifts. You emotions elevate. And that becomes the new tuning fork that attracts a new outcome. 

The future changes when you change. Just through intuitive inquiry, a situation takes a new trajectory. Therefore, intuition is not fortune telling. 

Intuition is bringing awareness to situations in order to take next steps and navigate change. 

There are certain themes we came into this life to explore and specific lessons we are here to learn. There are also souls that we agreed to meet on Earth to play out particular agreements through relationships. These are examples of destiny - events or people that are predetermined at a soul level. 

The details of the meetings, events, and circumstances are flexible based on the free will of all cooperative elements involved. 

You can do this. Study intuition in your life. Be willing to see the truth. Slow down long enough to feel. Get out of the desperate energy and into your center. That is the most important step - that changes everything!

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