JOY LINKS for February 2020

Feb 29, 2020

Your February JOY LINKS are here. Happy February to you.

I'm thrilled to highlight subscribers Dara and Dave, a powerful couple who recently launched the app Virtues Matter

A co-creation with the founders of The Virtues Project, this tool is designed to aid us to cultivate qualities such as compassion, gratitude, strength, hope, resilience, and justice. Like a book of daily readings, it guides us to develop upright character and, ultimately, to become our best selves. And it is totally beautiful. 

A Soul Inspired Life LINKS

Diana Adkins’s new six-week program is out - Energize! Live in a whole new, expanded, empowered way! Check out her free video on 'What Opens or Closes You' Energize gives you 40 practical tools and practices to transform yourself and create what you want. With video, audio, charts and written material, you are invited twice a week to explore different ways to impact and change what no longer works in your life.

My latest and greatest guide in awakening is Dr. Joe Dispenza. I do his meditations daily! If you aren’t familiar with his books, guided meditations, or Gaia series, start with his YouTube channel and raise your energy to upgrade your life.

Soul Inspired Business LINKS

People often ask me about intellectual property. You can do a lot of research and file for trademarks on your own, but if you want to hire an attorney, check out Gerben Law. I have used this firm successfully with two clients.

You asked, and I responded. In the last week, four people have requested that I teach Soul Inspired Marketing soon! (and “please”.) I said, Yes! We start on March 10th. 

Even though I had not planned to offer my signature marketing course until the fall, I’m game to jump in with you. I won’t be doing a full-out launch. Instead, I am sharing the offer by invitation and word of mouth. You are invited. Because I will not be investing in launch costs, your investment for the program is discounted. Learn more. 

Inspired Insight for February: (From Inspired) 

“Your energy affects everyone. Simply being at ease, emanating happiness, and feeling gratitude sends a signal that reverberates in the far reaches of the universe—and it may lead to concrete results in your neighborhood, too. 

Your energy contributes to the collective. Your integrity, humor, and caring are broadcast on the vibrational airwaves that unite us all, and especially those in close physical proximity or those who are on your mind.” (page 206) 


Together we are INSPIRED!

Joy Taylor 

empowering evolutionary entrepreneurs to lead with purpose 


*Unless specifically stated, the links I share are not affiliate links nor do I receive any financial reimbursement for promoting them. I share what’s lighting me up in hopes that it does the same for you.



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