The Difference Between Intuition and Psychic Abilities

Intuition and Psychic Abilities


What is the difference between intuition and psychic abilities?

Intuition is the innate ability to know without thinking. It is immediate cognition without the use of conscious rational processes. We assess our intuition through inner hearing, seeing, knowing, and feeling. We gain clarity and make choices without involving mental data or unresolved emotions. 

Another way to look at it is that intuition is tuning into your Higher Self or Source. To be intuitive is to tune-in. It happens in an instant. 

The word intuition comes from the Latin verb intueri, which translates as "consider" or from the late middle English word intuit, "to contemplate." Intuition is innate and most often for most people is simply a sense of knowing. 

Psychic Abilities develop extrasensory perceptions. Commonly considered an extension of intuition, psychic abilities are the more honed multi-sensory faculties. Psychic refers to the ability to receive information through extrasensory perception (ESP), such as clairvoyance, telepathy, or precognition. Psychics use their abilities to perceive information beyond the five senses and can provide information about the future or things that are hidden from the physical senses.

Some souls incarnate with phenomenal psychic gifts that have been developed over lifetimes. Psychic strengths can also be passed down through genetic lineage. Anyone can grow their psychic abilities with conscious study and practice.

The word "psychic" is derived from the Greek word that means "soul." In Greek mythology, the maiden Psyche was the deification of the human soul. 

Personal and societal associations color the meaning of these words. 

While these definitions seem straightforward enough, there are many connotations, stories and past experiences with the words “intuitive and psychic” that color their meanings. These are individual perceptions. However, there are some commonly held ideas in our modern-day culture. 

Intuition is becoming a commonly used word in our society. People comment on each other’s intuition and it is used as a compliment. In general, it’s regarded as an asset and considered something that everyone possesses. In websites and applications, intuitive navigation is highly regarded.

While intuition is still not entirely understood nor consistently used by the masses, it is a word we hear or read often. Intuition is often associated as light and joyful - a good thing. It is approachable. 

The term "psychic” is less used and more misunderstood. It is sometimes associated with impending death or danger. For example, police forces hire Psychics, not Intuitives. 

The term psychic seems supernatural to most when it is natural, part of this world, and part of you- if you develop it!

This supernatural association can make psychic abilities feel out of reach for many sincere aspirants of truth, which creates a disempowering feeling. Many who are new on the spiritual path may want to be psychic and think, “That’s not me. I could never be a psychic person.”

This creates an age-old problem where spiritual seekers think they need an intermediary between them and their knowingness. It also enforces automatic low self-esteem thought patterns like “I’m not good enough. I need others to tell me what to do. I’ve made so many bad mistakes, I just can’t trust myself anymore.”

If you are reading this and can relate to any of those statements, please, take your power back. 

You. Are. Supernatural. You can grow your psychic abilities, just like anyone else. 

Another association that psychic abilities fall into is the category of paranormal. Anyone who identifies with fitting in, may avoid and fear what is not normal. This makes it harder for the mainstream to relate to the term. It may bring up new-age connotations such as palm readers, fortune tellers, Ouija boards, and the like. Unfortunately, the term is riddled with associations that repel people from exploring intuition and multi-sensory perception. 

Some people may resist the term “psychic,” having seen flashy, roadside and online ads - “Psychic for Hire!” Too many people have been misguided and hurt by “professional” psychics who were not as accurate as they claimed to be. 

So, it’s up to you which word you will use and when and what you feel about intuition and psychic abilities. What resonates with you?

Most importantly, intuition is innate. When we practice it, we grow into our fine-tuned psychic abilities. Anyone can learn to be more intuition and psychic. The more in tune you are with spirit, the more intuitive you will be. The most important thing is to use these gifts for the good of all.


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