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All your answers are already inside of you. Imagine having the ability to access your intuition and act on what you discover.  

In this comprehensive video series, Joy guides you through explorations and activities to awaken your intuitive knowing. 

Each video and accompanying worksheets offer processes and practices you can apply immediately.  Your intuition is innate. All you need to do is release the interference that blocks it.  

  • Learn the¬†fundamental¬†dynamics¬†of intuition,¬†relaxing into the¬†energy centers in your body.
  • Make wise choices and gracefully manage the influences in your life - and step into your¬†authentic power.¬†
  • Nurture your Soul essence with inner-honoring activities and¬†get in tune with Spirit.
  • Gain the confidence to trust¬†your discernment¬†and say no with greater ease and authority.

What's Included: 

We packed this video library with tools and techniques that have helped thousands gain greater spiritual self-esteem and sovereignty. The videos are practical, applicable, and infused with potent transmissions. Engage at your own pace and receive grace.

  • A comprehensive¬†video library with over twenty¬†recordings embedded¬†with ancient knowledge, proven practices, and valuable parables.¬†
  • PDFs¬†that accompany¬†topics, including interactive worksheets, instructions, and summaries of lessons.
  • The Inspired Quick Reference Guide to living soul-inspired life with¬†an explanation of all seven 'Wisdoms' and how to integrate these core principles into your way of being.
  • Bonus audio content for intuitive growth featuring four Energy Tune-Ups for cleansing, cutting cords, grounding, and protection.¬†¬†
  • Joy's eBook, The Intuition Boost¬†explains the difference between intuition and empathy, defines psychic abilities, and gives clear instructions on how to grow your spiritual abilities.¬†


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  • Clear the way - Release the emotional interference that blocks you from your intuitive gifts.¬†
  • Clear the way - Transform¬†stuck patterns or beliefs that detour your best intentions.¬†
  • Clear the way - Let go of clutter and influences that hold you back.
  • Clear the way - Face (and embrace) your fears and anxieties that keep you from speaking and living your truth.¬†
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We feel so strongly about his offering, and we hope you¬†try it on yourself. Give it a test ride. If within¬†15 days you are not satisfied with Clear the Way, email¬†[email protected]¬†with your order confirmation, and we will return your money. No questions asked.¬†

Joy Clarissa Taylor is a Spiritual Leadership and Authenticity Guide. As an ordained priestess, lover of the wild, tantrica, and an artist of life, she sees herself as a companion in awakening, honoring the principles of nature and each individual's innate ability to heal and experience greater, sustainable happiness. 

She is the founder of A Soul-Inspired Life, a company dedicated to the evolution of consciousness. The author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book Inspired, she is passionate about empowering people to contribute to a better world through spiritual embodiment and inspired action.

As a successful entrepreneur and Intuitive Business Strategist, she has helped thousands of professionals, healers, practitioners, coaches, and trainers build profitable, purposeful businesses. In 2019, she developed The Business Soul Map - a flexible, visual framework that creates clarity and momentum for leaders building businesses in alignment with their visions and values.

Her background includes serving as a somatic therapist and healer, corporate marketing and sales trainer, college-level business faculty, and Director of The Women’s Business Center in Northern California. She founded Lead Online Academy, Inc., a company that successfully offered new model training management services for economic development organizations, including federally funded grant programs. 

Joy emanates love and draws from rich spiritual traditions, including metaphysical Christianity, Hasidic Judaism, and Hindu philosophy. She is a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga instructor, and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner. A student of the mystical and esoteric arts, she weaves dance, music, writing, and visual expression into her alchemical work as a companion guide in awakening.

YES! I’m Ready to Clear the Way
‚ÄúBy tuning into your soul-inspired path with surrender and a heart of service, you will naturally know what is next. You will feel it. You will want it. And it will want you. So let life prompt you.‚ÄĚ