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Do you want more clients?

Are you comfortable with sales?

Are you developing new programs and offerings?

The fastest way to grow your practice is by getting your clients the results they are after. Your clients
came to you to make a change in their life that they could not make on their own. They’ve entrusted you as their guide.

What is the journey you take them on?

When you prioritize your client’s results, your clients stay with you and continue to grow through your
services. When you outline a clear path and design your programs and offerings congruently, your
clients get the benefits they want.

Join us Thursday, June 1 st, for this skill-building workshop. Stop selling sessions and packages and
start offering programs with real results.

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Based on Joy’s Business Soul MAP model, the focus of this session will be on The Client Journey, one of the four KEY quadrants for practitioner success.  

  • Learn how to build your list, following, and subscribers (know why this is so important). 
  • Understand the value of a client journey and how to create a journey that delivers results.
  • Get comfortable with enrollment conversations such as Discovery Sessions or Clarity Calls. 
  • Develop programs that ensure long-term relationships and ongoing benefits for your clients.
  • Discover the power of proprietary frameworks, models, or systems to impact change.
  • Brainstorm creative names for your services. 
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If you are in the early stages of your business, this workshop is a must. Save time, money, and
effort upfront by clarifying what you offer and the journey your customers will take.

If you want to enroll more clients, explore how to enhance your programs with benefits and learn how to enjoy ‘sales calls’ and copywriting. 

If you are scaling your business (going from 1:1 to 1: many), design programs specifically for groups and establish community enthusiasm. 

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Meet Joy Taylora business coach and trainer of over twenty years. As a companion guide in awakening, Joy honors the principles of nature and everyone’s innate ability to create the work and life they love. 

She founded A Soul-Inspired Life, a company dedicated to the evolution of consciousness. The author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book Inspired and creator of The Soul-Inspired Marketing Course, she is passionate about empowering people to contribute to a better world through authentic spiritual embodiment and inspired action.

Joy draws from direct experience and rich spiritual traditions. Through her life journey, Joy learned that loss is a catalyst for transformation and that compassion allows for greater transformation. As an empath with her feet on the ground, she weaves the practical with the mystical. She integrates soul exploration, breath, embodiment practices, dance, music, writing, and visual expression into her alchemical work. 

Joy's diverse background includes being an intuitive healer, somatic therapist, corporate trainer, college-level business faculty, and Director of The Women’s Business Center in Northern California. As a successful entrepreneur and Business Intuitive, she has helped thousands of professionals, healers, practitioners, coaches, and trainers build profitable, purposeful businesses. In 2019, she developed “The Business Soul MAP” - a visual framework that creates clarity and momentum for leaders living on purpose and working in alignment with their visions and values. 

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