For Energy Alignment

Above is a 23 second sample of this sixteen minute seated energy tune-up for your intuitive abilities.

This is specifically to clear your central channel so that you become a more divine instrument to see the truth, to hear the wisdom, to feel the guidance, and to know love. And that love will guide you in each moment. 

In this audio download, I invite you to allow your breath to bring you into this moment. Your conscious breath cleanses, fills your body with energy, and aligns your energy centers. With this guided embodiment practice, you come home to your integrity, your wisdom, and your truth.

The Energy Alignment Tools You Will Receive:

  • Audio Download
  • PDF Transcript
  • Printable Inspirational Cards


I would like these tune-ups to be accessible to all regardless of their financial situations. Please choose a price that works for you.

What People Are Saying:

The calm energy of your voice and these words call to my spirit. They align me with my truth and call me to center. Joy, you are a gift.


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