For Heart Awakening

Above is a 10 second sample of this twelve minute lying-down energy tune-up.

Specifically designed to warm your heart and open you to experience and embody pure love and truth.

In this audio download, I Invite you to wash away the worries and tension and relax as your nervous system regulates and your breath stabilizes in balance. I invite you to find peace in your body and bring your awareness to your heart.

Awaken Your Heart Center and Receive:

  • Audio Download
  • PDF Transcript
  • Printable Inspirational Cards


I would like these tune-ups to be accessible to all regardless of their financial situations. Please choose a price that works for you.

What People Are Saying:

The connection to my heart, my spirit and my soul from this energy tune-up has changed the way I move through my day. Thank you Joy, such a gift.


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