For Courage

The 19 second video is a sample of this eight minute standing energy tune-up for your intuitive abilities.

This tune-up is specifically here to support you in trusting your intuition and taking action on what you know is yours to do. 

In this audio download, I Invite you to stand in your power. Your confidence and your courage. In the face of any disappointment or disapproval. In the face of maybe not pleasing others or facing your fears. In the face of disrupting your life. There is something more that matters. And you know this to be true. And that is your truth. Your sense of knowing yourself.

Tools for Your Powerful Courage Include:

  • Audio Download
  • PDF Transcript
  • Printable Inspirational Cards


I would like these tune-ups to be accessible to all regardless of their financial situations. Please choose a price that works for you.

What People Are Saying:

The tone of your voice is empowering and the words strengthening. I am blessed and grateful to have this to start each day and remind me of my path. Thank You !


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I want to invite you to add this Energy Tune-Up for Heart Awakening. It is a great compliment to the Energy Tune-Up for Courage.