Awaken to love 
Awaken to your capacity to receive

Designed for women who want to experience deeper intimacy, authenticity, and joy.


Awaken to your capacity to receive

Designed for women who want to experience deeper intimacy, authenticity, and joy with another.

If you are open to new relationship potentials and want to nurture and celebrate your heart’s desire to connect profoundly with a Beloved…


At the Retreat participants embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and love as they say yes to the transformative power of authentic relationships. 

Join us as we honor the sacred essence of womanhood and create a space where you blossom in sisterhood - in all your beauty and abundance.


The Way to Authenticity:

Explore Your Awakening 

Embrace your personal soul map and honor the innate wisdom and intuition that guides you. Lovingly discover self-honesty and cultivate authenticity within. Open and receive your unique ways to freedom. 

Speak Your Honest Truth 

Exercise your courage to speak with clarity and compassion. We’ll explore the power of transparent communication as the cornerstone of authentic relationships, recognizing the beauty and strength in vulnerability.

Love Your Body

By understanding the physiological and biochemical aspects of your body, you gain insight into how biology influences emotions, desires, sexuality, and interactions with others. Rejuvenate through movement and flow.

Enjoy Deep Soul-Care

Self-intimacy through nurturing the soul is the essential first step for experiencing intimacy with others. Through various practices such as gentle yoga, journaling, vocal expression, and self-reflection, you'll cultivate inner honoring as a state of consciousness.

Harmonize Your Energy  

Explore your energy anatomy with embodiment practices and guided visualizations. Learn to navigate the balance and alignment of your body centers and auric field and how this impacts your relationships and well-being which includes sensual and sexual satisfaction.

Adventure in Nature 

Connect, play, and commune with Mt. Shasta's powerful healing lands and waters. Tap into nature's profound wisdom and higher frequencies to regulate your nervous system, ground your spiritual life, and fully remember your true nature as part of a greater whole.

This women's retreat is for you when ...


  • You feel¬†inspired¬†to deepen your¬†ability to show up with love and truth in your¬†relationships¬†
  • You sense more passion inside you, wanting to be unleashed
  • You yearn to connect more fully¬†to your being and your body
  • Your heartfelt¬†desire for new levels of spiritual partnership is pulsing, and asking you to honor it

Join us at the base of Mt. Shasta for clarity and renewal. Walk barefoot in the pines, sing around the fire, wade in alpine lakes, eat nourishing meals, sit by the creek, lay in the grass, and connect with Mother Earth.

We all need time to unplug, be honest with ourselves, play, and be inspired! And to be witnessed in all of it by a genuinely nourishing sacred community makes it even more powerful! 

Take a break from shoulds, to-do lists, and responsibilities. This is a time for exploration, connection, and Self-nurturing‚ÄĒand you truly deserve it.


... an exceptional mentor

‚ÄúWith over thirty years of experience in professional development and personal growth, Joy is an exceptional mentor and educator who blends spiritual work with embodiment tools and practical application to help individuals master their focus, energy, and vibration to create a life they love.‚ÄĚ

- Sage Howard, Embodiment and Intimacy Coach

Sponsored By Conscious Dating Network

We are thrilled to partner with Conscious Dating Network to spread the word about A Women's Way of Awakening Retreat in Mt. Shasta. Jill Crosby, the founder/owner of Conscious Dating Network, is committed to offering the best¬†dating sites‚ÄĒand opportunities like this‚ÄĒfor mindful singles to¬†grow together, open their hearts, and expand the expression of their love. She knows that these in-person retreats are one of the most effective ways to empower her members and provide the necessary skills, minds, and heart-sets to manifest their life partners! We welcome women of all sexual orientations to this event.¬†This is¬†for women who are seeking¬† a partner, as well as, women who are in relationship.

I am a soul-inspired life and leadership mentor and the author of INSPIRED. My passion is empowering people to contribute to a better world through spiritual embodiment and inspired action.

I love facilitating A Women’s Way of Awakening programs and Creators Circles for Visionary Women, where I weave decades of experience as a licensed massage therapist, certified Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, ordained priestess, student of tantra, and certified yoga instructor.

Mt. Shasta has been my home since 1998, and I continue to revel in the region's beauty. I enjoy playing guitar, cooking, outdoor adventures, and doing anything with my beloved partner, Gavin. My dream is for all women to experience deep, honest, and uplifting love with themselves and a partner 'beyond their wildest dreams.'

Flow of the Weekend

Friday, September 6, 2:00 - 8:00 pm

We welcome you on the grounds at 2:00, allowing you time to explore the creek and feel oriented to our sacred space. We’ll gather in a circle for our opening starting at 2:30. The afternoon will include an orientation of the weekend, interactive group sharing, and a nature-inspired practice. In the evening enjoy a delicious catered dinner and move your beautiful body under the waxing crescent moon. This is a beautiful time of connection with nature and self along with getting acquainted with the group.

Saturday, September 7, 10:00 am - 9:00 pm 

Sip herbal tea or organic coffee while mingling on the patio or by the creek. We’ll start with a light movement/soul embodiment process followed by focused, intimate group activities, sharing, and learning. We’ll have a catered lunch and then all participants will have spacious time for private walking, reflection and journaling at a nourishing location in nature of their choice. There will be a dinner break where you can enjoy one of the local restaurants or create a shared potluck, and then we’ll gather for our prayer-fire circle.

Sunday, September 8, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Arrive early for tea and mingling before our sacred movement/body awareness. All participants will then have some additional spacious time for walks, exploration, and revelation in a nature location of their choice in the majestic Mt. Shasta area. Upon our return, a catered lunch will be provided, followed by a rich afternoon full of in-depth self-discovery, sharing, and activities. We will end the retreat with a cacao ceremony and closing celebration to anchor the abundant treasure everyone has received throughout the retreat.

Join us for this intimate weekend, which offers a nourishing flow of receiving for women called to love.

Space is limited to the first 14 participants. After that, a waiting list will be created. 

Early Bird Pay In Full


If paid by August 31st. Sep. 1st onward paid in full price is $595.


Early Bird Payment Plan

$275 x 2

Second $275 payment to be auto charged one month later for a total of $550.


Included in the price:

  • Friday dinner and Saturday and Sunday lunches
  • Guided¬†embodiment¬†and wellness practices
  • Sacred ceremonies, sound circles, and initiations
  • Facilitated learning and workshop experiences¬†
  • Spacious, private times in beautiful nature locations of your choice in the Mt. Shasta area¬†
  • Tea, organic coffee, herbal elixirs, and healthy snacks¬†
  • Amazing curated, uplifting music for¬†dance and movement

You also receive integration support: 

  • One¬†post-retreat¬† online group¬†session (90-minutes)
  • BONUS: Clear the Way to Live Your Intuitive Life online self-study course by Joy¬†

Not included:

  • Lodging, breakfasts, and Saturday dinner¬†

Follow your heart and ...

Find Greater Clarity Within 

By identifying your core desired feelings and optimal internal state, you empower yourself to make conscious choices that support your deepest aspirations and lead to loving and fulfilling relationships. Get clear as you align with your pulse - your passion song. 

Align with Intention and Prayer 

Harnessing the power of pure intention and prayer, align your desires with Divine Intelligence. Tune into and develop a relationship with your spirit guides, signs, and synchronicities, inviting love and truth through all your relations.

Understand the Language of Your Emotions

Embracing the full spectrum of your emotions, you recognize them as valuable messengers that guide you toward greater self-awareness and emotional awareness. Learn what your emotions are trying to tell you. Discover new ways to express and integrate your feelings.

I discovered parts of me that are now awakened, are guiding me to a life of greater purpose

‚ÄúFrom the moment I stepped through the doorway of Joy‚Äôs home, I felt changed, welcomed, encouraged, and loved - as if I could discover and celebrate parts of me that had been waiting to be found. I can honestly say my time with Joy changed my life.¬† Without any sense of expectation or pressure, I felt a deep and real desire to live my best self - to eat well, move deliberately and explore the gorgeous surroundings.¬† Mostly, I discovered parts of me that now awakened, are guiding me to a life of greater purpose, ease, and fulfillment.‚ÄĚ

- Janet Farnsworth, Author, Creator of The B.O.D.Y. Method.

Our Sacred

Meeting Space

Enjoy our sanctuary home at The Creekside Inn, which offers us a large patio for outdoor eating and relaxing, a ceremonial fire circle, flowing creek access, a big lawn surrounded by tall majestic trees to dance, play, and sunbathe, a kitchen for teas and snacks, and community spaces to hang out together!  Lodging is offsite.



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