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You must be willing to listen to life’s promptings with an open, peaceful heart—not clouded by worry, skepticism, or fear.”


Success is yours when you believe you can succeed and when you take solid steps towards your greatest good. This masterclass combines practical and applicable business action steps with mindset and energy shifts that elevate you and your work. You become a stronger magnet to attract your ideal clients. When you focus, believe, and help others succeed, you naturally grow your purpose.  

In this masterclass you will:

  • Demystify business terms that get you stuck. 
  • Create new (healthy) relationships with marketing, sales, and technology.
  • Understand what it takes to build a business you love. 
  • Overcome overwhelm and make better (clear) choices using intuition over logic.
  • Do what matters most for you, not what “everyone else is doing.” 
  • Commit to growing a thriving practice that brings you prosperity and joy.
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Listen, I’ve been teaching sales, marketing, and leadership for over two decades (23 years to be exact). In the process of training and coaching a variety of professionals, I’ve witnessed a lot. 

I’ve seen people become wildly successful. I’ve seen others struggle and stay stuck. 

I’ve seen businesses thrive and others shut their doors.  

Working up close and personal with 1,000’s of professionals, I’ve been invited into the inner and outer arenas of business success. I have witnessed first hand the blocks and the keys.

And what I now know is that the number one key to success is BELIEF. 

  • Belief in yourself. 
  • Belief in your work.
  • Belief in your ability to succeed. 

As much as strategies, tactics, formulas, and how-to’s are essential in business. It is the energy that is beneath the actions that dictate the outcomes.

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  • In order to authentically thrive in the work that you love, it is imperative to check your beliefs and adjust accordingly.

  •  It is essential to align your energy with your pure intent.

  •  You must get the interference out of the way.

  • In this free event, we will uncover limiting beliefs and energetic blocks that keep you from your highest potential and the highest potential of your work in the world.

  • And we will replace those outdated beliefs with new and improved ideas.

  • Are you ‘thinking about’ a business idea, but not taking action?

  •  Do you sometimes feel desperate for clients, and a little disgusted at your energetic grasping?  

  •  Do you wonder why you keep attracting the same problems and worries?

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Meet Joy Tayloran ordained priestess, truth-teller, and artist of life. As a companion guide in awakening, Joy honors the principles of nature and everyone’s innate ability to heal and to create a life they love. 

She founded A Soul-Inspired Life, a company dedicated to the evolution of consciousness. The author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book Inspired and creator of "The Energy, Intuition, and Awakening Course," she is passionate about empowering people to contribute to a better world through authentic spiritual embodiment and inspired action.

Joy draws from direct experience and rich spiritual traditions. Through her challenges in giving her power away, Joy faced life lesson consequences and deep grief. Using loss as a catalyst for transformation, she regained her strength and developed tools to serve others with more compassion. As an empath with her feet on the ground, she weaves the practical with the mystical. She integrates soul exploration, breath, embodiment practices, dance, music, writing, and visual expression into her alchemical work. 

Her diverse background includes serving as an intuitive healer, somatic therapist, corporate trainer, college-level business faculty, and Director of The Women’s Business Center in Northern California. As a successful entrepreneur and Business Intuitive, she helped thousands of professionals, healers, practitioners, coaches, and trainers build profitable, purposeful businesses. In 2019, she developed “The Business Soul MAP” - a visual framework that creates clarity and momentum for leaders living on purpose and working in alignment with their visions and values. 

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