A Sacred Space for healers, teachers, mentors, + leaders to:  

  • Explore deeper truths. Step into greater authenticity and make better choices.
  • Tune up to higher frequencies. See new ways of being, serving, innovating, and having fun at work.
  • Connect with kindred spirits. Renew, recharge, and refresh so that you can give to your clients from a pure wellspring of love and compassion.

As dedicated practitioners, we spend much time working in and on our business. Before you know it, it is all business. Ugh! The truth is our business thrives when we are thriving. So, let’s thrive!

We enter the arena of maturity and miracles when we stay grounded, nurture ourselves, and do what expands us (not what we think we need to do to ‘make it work’).

Join me for community connection, where we unleash pure passion and power, witness each other as we evolve, and find equanimity and gentle strength.  

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We are a community leading on purpose.

     The time is now.

                  You have a part to play.

                              Are you ready? Are you willing?

Open exclusively for the Soul Inspired Life Community.

We meet one Wednesday at noon PT from April through November. As an early bird invitee, you can come all year for free if you register now.

2023 Dates:

  • April 19th
  • May 17th
  • June 21st
  • July 19th
  • Aug 16th
  • Sept 20th
  • Oct 18th
  • Nov 15th

What to expect: 

Levity and lightness through inspiration and group connections. 

Spark your creativity.

Meet potential promotional partners, collaborators, and referrals.

Tap into your intuition with spiritual activations and prayer. 

This safe space invites self-responsibility, empowerment, gratitude, and love. This resource group shares experiences and tools for courageous creators. Come and be authentic and open about who you are and what you are here to do. 

We will create a sacred container to reveal the parts of ourselves that are challenging us and that we wish to transform. You are invited to…

  • hold space for each others' transformation
  • challenge the belief systems that no longer support your purpose
  • let go of habits that hold you back from health, wealth, and positive relationships
  • shed the false identities that don't serve your highest good

Together we evolve and transform our lives and our work in the world.

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Inner-Circle, Inner-Work! is a group gathering to support you in accessing your creative power and activating your deepest why. Thrive from the inside out as a practitioner, coach, trainer… or leader in your community!  

These gatherings are not recorded in order to allow deep healing and vulnerablity to be shared, witnessed, and celebrated.

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