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By changing your energy on the inside, you naturally are guided to make changes in your outer world.

With greater awareness, you design your life intentionally.

This program invites you to explore, experiment with, and embody more pure love.

You will learn to manage your energy and nourish your energy centers, grow your intuition, and awaken your heart.

Through teachings, transmission, and embodiment practices, you will ground your spiritual understanding in relevant and applicable ways. 

Registration opens in April.

Yes, I am in for Energy , Intuition & Awakening

Meet Joy Tayloran ordained priestess, truth-teller, and artist of life. As a companion guide in awakening, Joy honors the principles of nature and everyone’s innate ability to heal and to create a life they love. 

She founded A Soul-Inspired Life, a company dedicated to the evolution of consciousness. The author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book Inspired and creator of "The Energy, Intuition, and Awakening Course," she is passionate about empowering people to contribute to a better world through authentic spiritual embodiment and inspired action.

Joy draws from direct experience and rich spiritual traditions. Through her challenges in giving her power away, Joy faced life lesson consequences and deep grief. Using loss as a catalyst for transformation, she regained her strength and developed tools to serve others with more compassion. As an empath with her feet on the ground, she weaves the practical with the mystical. She integrates soul exploration, breath, embodiment practices, dance, music, writing, and visual expression into her alchemical work. 

Her diverse background includes serving as an intuitive healer, somatic therapist, corporate trainer, college-level business faculty, and Director of The Women’s Business Center in Northern California. As a successful entrepreneur and Business Intuitive, she helped thousands of professionals, healers, practitioners, coaches, and trainers build profitable, purposeful businesses. In 2019, she developed “The Business Soul MAP” - a visual framework that creates clarity and momentum for leaders living on purpose and working in alignment with their visions and values. 

Yes, I am in for Energy , Intuition & Awakening

Grow Your Intuition - My Free Gift for You

Enjoy chapter three on intuition plus bonus materials, including the 7 Wisdoms in 7 days email series and updates on free events with Joy.






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